Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Graham's Story

Graham Kipton Onhaizer was born on June 24, 2009 at 12:37 pm. He weighed 5 lbs. 9.9 oz. and measured 17.5 inches long (however we think this was inaccurate because he was 19 inches a few days later). He was about three weeks early, so he spent 7 days in the NICU. I tried to sum up the first week of Graham's life in the blog...details are a little fuzzy now.
Look at the PROUD DADDY with Graham's footprints on hat and gown! You won't catch Brad with such a rich genuine smile as we did in that moment!
Graham's first picture with Dad!

This was my first time to touch my son, so I hold this memory very close in my heart. After delivery, they rushed him off with the NICU team, so I barely got to see him. I did not even get to hold him on his birthday...crushing for a new mommy!

Today I got to hold Graham in my arms for the first time...all the mommies out there know exactly what I was feeling...for the rest of you, I pray that the Lord bless you with the kind of love I felt! Such a sweet moment! I think this was our very first family photo...cannot say I will ever frame it in our home though....Mommy looks pretty rough! :)
Today was a busy day. After breakfast we went down to the NICU to see Graham. Nurse Rosa gave him a bath today, so he smelled so nice and looked prettier...sorry Graham. :) The lactation consultant suggested I express my milk by Graham's I tried that today! I was surprised how much more I pumped, just with him near me.
Then in the middle of our visit, they told us he would be moving to the NEW NICU! So we had to leave during the transition. The new NICU is very nice! Everything is new and clean! I did not get any pictures today...guess Mommy was just obsessed with Graham and forgot to bring her camera. :)

Today is a bittersweet day. The doctor said I was "ready" to go home if I felt "ready." She knew Graham would not be coming home with us, so she let me decide what I wanted to do. NOT A GOOD IDEA! I was so torn. I wanted nothing more than to spend every waking moment with our new son! The thought of leaving him at the hospital "alone" literally made me cry. I knew he was in the best hands in Texas Women's Hospital NICU, and I realized that I was not getting ample rest in the Brad and the doctors assured me that going home was a good idea. I guess I just needed someone to tell me what to do...I was a MESS with Graham in the NICU. Not to mention, I was still in a good deal of pain from the c-section. We spent all day and all night in the NICU...I said good-bye to Graham at 10:45 pm and promised him I would be back tomorrow!

Look how precious...would YOU want to leave this sweet guy?

Those are the happiest parents in the world! Graham liked it too...

Mommy looks rested after sleeping in her own bed last night.
But I got up to the hospital as fast as I could to see my baby! I got to try and breastfeed him today too! He is getting stronger each day...
Daddy cuddling with Graham. Is that not the sweetest thing? (Well I sure think so!) We are waiting to hear from the neonatologist...when can Graham come home?

We always scheduled our visits around feeding time...this was such a special bonding time for us!Today was round 2 of breastfeeding...He has a good latch and the lactation consultant was very proud of us! (I did not share a photo of that...)

They gave us the final OK to take Graham home! The neonatologist told us he wanted to keep him for "one more day" but Brad asked him why and the doctor did not really have a good reason. SO...Graham was going home with us today! One last feed before we hit the road! Do not want a crying baby for our first car trip!
This was our first photo without any cords or wires or strings attached! Graham was finally a free man...and he was ready to come home! Funny thing was, I would bring his "take-home" outfit everyday hoping they would tell me that today was the day. Finally on June 30th, Graham got to wear his first REAL you can see, he had some growing to do! :)

Look how tiny he is in that carseat! His sweet little rosy cheeks and Mommy and Daddy smiling from ear to ear! Before we could even pull out of the hospital parking lot, I was crying! I was overcome with emotion! GRAHAM WAS COMING HOME!

The moment we got home, Brad had to pop him out of the carseat immediately. Words cannot even begin to describe how we were feeling when we finally brought him home. My eyes are full of happy tears here!